By Daniel Bourke

Charlie Walks intricately merges technology and literature, narrating the journey of Charlie, a programmer yearning to be a writer. Bourke’s writing mirrors the voice in one’s head finding expression through a typewriter. Bourke’s novel is a captivating exploration of personal growth, seamlessly blending the realms of programming, writing, and the human experience in a thought-provoking narrative.

About the book

Charlie’s a funambulist, a tightrope walker, walking between head and heart between city and nature between a good path and a real path a known path and his own between being a hider and being a seeker between life and death living and dying one option and another another another.

The trick is, there’s always more than two options.

That’s where XK-1 comes in, Charlie’s secret project.

A computer program that shows you what you’re supposed to see but can’t imagine.

A machine learning engineer at the biggest technology company in the world who wants to be a writer. Writing letters to his nephew Pauly. Stories from his past from his present from loving from longing from wandering from walking, step by step creating his own story.

Book Details

Available in paperback & e-book

Perfect bound, 355 pages, 5.5″x8.5″, Fall 2022
Price: (Paperback) $19.99, (E-book) $13.99
ISBN: (Paperback) 978-1-955671-07-1, (E-book) 978-1-955671-09-5

About the author

Daniel Bourke

Daniel Bourke is a writer and YouTube content creator delving into the intersection of health, technology, and art. His literary debut, Charlie Walks, unfolds the narrative of a computer programmer aspiring to be a writer.

An educator at the Zero to Mastery Academy, he imparts knowledge on machine learning and deep learning to a global student base exceeding 160,000. Driven by a mission to leverage AI for promoting healthier lifestyles, he envisions owning a substantial piece of land in the near future to cultivate his own food, currently initiating the process in his backyard.

His ongoing project, Nutrify, aims to develop an app allowing users to photograph food and gain insights. He remains dedicated to merging learning and creation, encapsulated by his ikigai: learning to create and creating to learn.

Having transitioned from the workforce in 2019, he boasts a diverse professional journey, encompassing roles as a machine learning engineer at Max Kelsen, Uber Driver, Genius at Apple, fitness coach, and men’s physique competitor. His coding odyssey began in 2017, focusing on machine learning and artificial intelligence through a self-crafted Artificial Intelligence Masters Degree.

Find his insightful pieces on Medium, Quora, and his personal platform. Regularly sharing his endeavors through the newsletter “Eat, Move, Learn, Make” he dissects his monthly pursuits, aligning with his core passions.


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