Generation Hope by Arunjay Katakam
Introducing Generation Hope: How Inclusive Economics Can Help Us All Thrive by Arunjay Katakam

Otterpine is delighted to announce the release of Generation Hope by entrepreneur and activist Arunjay Katakam. This insightful book offers a nuanced yet accessible perspective on how society, especially younger generations, can create a thriving, sustainable future through an optimistic and inclusive economic system.

Otterpine is dedicated to producing books that are tools for change. We cherish connections and projects that are value-aligned and heart-centered, which made Generation Hope a perfect partnership. Arunjay’s charitable mission added another layer of purpose and pride to our work as we facilitated the editorial, design, print, and fulfillment of his visionary book.

Generation Hope by Arunjay Katakam

After growing up as a child aspiring to be “super-rich,” Arunjay became a serial entrepreneur based in the UK. While in the international development and payments industry, he realized that the neoliberal capitalist system was not working, so he made it his mission to reimagine a better world. 

In Generation Hope, Arunjay tackles this idea by urging readers to shift their consciousness to view the world as abundant rather than scarce and inclusive rather than exclusive. With an emphasis on community, he suggests, we can create a world where everyone thrives.

Arunjay’s goal for this project is not to turn over a profit. In fact, all proceeds will be donated to Acumen, a global nonprofit organization focused on bringing opportunity to every person on the planet to build a world based on dignity. 

Generation Hope by Arunjay Katakam

Even before the release day, Generation Hope began receiving glowing reviews from outlets like Publisher’s Weekly. We are glowing with excitement for Arunjay and the impact he is bound to make on our world.

Generation Hope is available in paperback and E-Book on Amazon and the author’s website,

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