Love Unfolding by Serah Blackstone Fredericks
Introducing Love Unfolding by Serah Blackstone Fredericks

Otterpine is happy to announce the special Valentine’s Day release of Love Unfolding, a poetry chapbook by Serah Blackstone-Fredericks. This collection feels like an intimate conversation with Serah’s heart, offering a raw and honest insight to her experience of love.

Love Unfolding by Serah Blackstone Fredericks

Serah has worked with us for the past few years, perfecting every line and cultivating her book’s simple yet powerful design. Serah expresses her creativity through many passions in addition to writing, which range from her bookkeeping business to ceramics and natural dyes. Aside from these projects, Serah cultivates creativity as a musician by the name Fo Fera  and in the podcast world, all with the intention of curating her craft and exploring her emotions. In the quiet moments between her projects, Serah lives a harmonious and grounded life, influenced by astrology and her intuition.

Serah’s poetry reveals a multifaceted view of love that is often overlooked on this popular holiday. Love Unfolding illuminates love’s paradoxical nature: simple yet complex, painful yet beautiful. Every line is crafted with intention, inspiration, and deep reflection, encouraging readers to turn inward and reflect on their own experiences.

Love Unfolding by Serah Blackstone Fredericks

Love Unfolding packs a powerful punch by capturing the intangible, ever-evolving nature of love in just over thirty pages. This chapbook is the perfect poetic companion to revisit at every stage of love.

Love Unfolding is available in paperback and E-Book on Amazon.

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