The Art of Being Human at Work by Allison Schultz Reboot
Introducing The Art of Being Human at Work by Alison Schultz

Otterpine is pleased to announce the release of The Art of Being Human at Work by Alison Schultz. The publication of this essay collection marks the 10-year anniversary of Reboot, an expansive leadership development and CEO coaching firm that believes work doesn’t have to destroy us—it can be our avenue to achieving our fullest selves. This ethos encapsulates the core of Ali’s writing, which explores how practical skills and radical self-inquiry are both necessary parts of what it takes to grow, build, and sustain a great company.

Here at Otterpine, we share this same vision. We believe that the workplace can be a space where individuals can thrive. When Ali approached us with this project, we were ecstatic to be part of bringing her ideas to book form. Our shared commitment to heart-centered leadership made the editorial and design process incredibly rewarding for all involved. 

The Art of Being Human at Work by Allison Schultz Reboot

Ali’s perspective is an honest yet gentle view of the human experience and a reflection of her own journey as a leadership coach. Tackling issues like burnout, the perils of perfectionism, fear of change, building trust, weathering failure, and defining success, The Art of Being Human at Work teaches readers that if they are to work and lead well, they must first do the necessary inner work of becoming a better human.

Ali emphasizes that typical dehumanization of working professionals at work is a consequence of valuing output over people. Instead of offering quick fixes to this common experience, Ali provides readers with the tools to navigate their work dynamic with clarity and grace to ground their professional lives in purpose and meaning.

The Art of Being Human at Work by Allison Schultz Reboot

Written with empathy, wisdom, and humor, this insightful and encouraging book provides a roadmap for business leaders to foster authenticity, courage, integrity, and compassion. The Art of Being Human at Work is more than a book; it’s an invitation to join a movement towards a more compassionate and authentic workplace. 
The Art of Being Human at Work is available in paperback and e-book formats on Amazon and the author’s website.

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