Wandering Spirits
Introducing Wandering Spirits: Modern Fables by Salman Ansari

Otterpine is charmed to announce the release of Wandering Spirits: Modern Fables by Salman Ansari. Inspired by timeless classics like The Little Prince, these stories will inspire wisdom, reflection, and joy in the heart of any reader, young and old. 

Wandering Spirits

The enchanting tales of Wandering Spirits are dotted with playful illustrations  meticulously crafted by the author. As the writer, illustrator, and narrator, Salman poured his polymath spirit into the creation of this book as an extension of his successful newsletter, Quick Brown Fox. At Otterpine, we are overjoyed to support creatives like Salman in the design, production, and fulfillment of their passion projects. 

The fables begin when a boy grieving the loss of his father meets a talking lake who introduces him to whimsical animals. Each animal’s story is defined by a deep emotional experience that illuminates clear guidance on how to navigate the intricate paths of life.

Wandering Spirits

Within these enchanting narratives, readers will encounter a fox with talking tails, a wolf trying to join a pack of dogs, a frog searching for a better life, and a turtle captaining a ship on rough seas, among others.Whether young or old, the endearing tales of Wandering Spirits are sure to captivate the hearts and minds of readers and listeners alike.

Wandering Spirits is available in paperback and audiobook on Amazon.

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