You Have a Choice by Eric Nehrlich
Introducing You Have a Choice: Beyond Hard Work to Meaningful Impact by Eric Nehrlich

Otterpine is happy to announce the release of You Have a Choice by Eric Nehrlich.

This enriching and supportive guide offers tools for readers to transition from a cycle of stagnant growth in their careers and lives to an era of personal transformation and intention.

At Otterpine, we work hard to create a workplace that cultivates meaning and honors a healthy work-life balance, so when Eric approached us with his manuscript, we were excited to produce a project that deeply reflects our core values.

Eric is a former Google leader who recovered from burnout to find meaning and impact in his life by running an executive coaching business to help others do the same. After years of his own self-development, Eric is passionate about helping others grow professionally and personally while nurturing a deep level of self-awareness. You Have a Choice captures Eric’s passion in a collection of practical frameworks, illuminating stories, and transformative exercises that are sure to help anyone get unstuck. 

You Have a Choice by Eric Nehrlich

Eric’s approach encourages people to take responsibility for their freedom by bravely and actively choosing not to overwork themselves for the wrong reasons. You Have a Choice is more than a self-help guidebook, it’s a practical tool for growth and real change. Readers will be confronted with opportunities to notice their blind spots and limited beliefs, and also with encouragement to discover what they truly value and how they define success for themselves. 

While these topics can be difficult to unpack, Eric creates a safe, balanced environment for readers to explore themselves and become empowered to create the life they want. At the core of this approach are two ideas: “How are you the problem?” and “You have a choice.” This journey, Eric says, will lead people out of dissatisfaction and onto a path to create a more fulfilling life. 

You Have a Choice by Eric Nehrlich

We learned a lot from Eric by assisting him with editorial, design, and production tasks from start to finish. His work is impactful and we’re so grateful that we were able to help him share it with the world. 
You Have a Choice is available in paperback and E-Book on Amazon and the author’s website,

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