By Spencer Reese

In this no-nonsense, accessible guide, Air Force Major Spencer C. Reese, founder of the popular personal finance site,, offers invaluable tips and tricks to help service members of all ranks, branches, and bank account levels gain financial independence. Along with laying out the fundamentals of building wealth while serving, the book explains how to take maximum advantage of the unique financial perks exclusive to service members.

About the book

You work hard serving your country. Let your military money work hard for you.

A must-read for any service member, this comprehensive personal finance book covers the fundamentals of saving money while serving and how to take advantage of the unique financial perks available to military members.

Reese offers invaluable advice on topics such as how to :

  • Budget, save money and build wealth while serving
  • Take advantage of unique perks available only to service members
  • Get fee waivers on high-end credit cards to earn money and points for travel
  • Use tax-deferred savings plans
  • Investing and planning for the future
  • Financial self discipline

Whether you’re a new cadet, active duty or reserve, this financial guidebook is essential reading to gain more control over your finances. With a down to earth tone and easy to understand language, The Military Money Manual shows readers that yes, it IS possible to reach financial freedom while serving in the military.

Book Details

Available in hardcover, paperback, e-book, & audiobook

(Hardcover) Side-Sewn Full Color (Paperback) Perfect Bound, 128 pages, 5″x8″, November 1, 2021
Price: (Hardcover) $22.99, (Paperback) $18.99, (E-book) $14.99, (Audiobook) $14.99
ISBN: (Hardcover) 978-1-955671-04-0, (Paperback) 978-1-955671-05-7, (E-book) 978-1-955671-36-1, (Audiobook) 978-1-955671-06-4

About the author

Spencer Reese

Spencer C. Reese is a US Air Force veteran who achieved financial independence. He started the Military Money Manual website to share everything he knows about military finance and investing with fellow service members of all ranks and branches.


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