By Haley Scheich & Dr. Tarek Pacha

My SuperHero Foods is a one-of-a-kind book that will stimulate your children’s curiosities about healthy eating. They’ll learn the super powers they’ll gain from eating broccoli, carrots, salmon, almonds, and much more as they join Ethan and Sophie on a fun super power packed day!

About the book

Is it a daily struggle to convince your kids to eat healthy foods? Do you cook separate meals for your kids because they only like to eat things like chicken nuggets and french fries? Do you dream of the day when your little one will ask for blueberries and kale chips instead of ice cream and potato chips?

Beautifully illustrated with lots of fun details that your kids will love, My SuperHero Foods will serve as a priceless foundation for teaching your kids about healthy eating.

Ethan and Sophie are siblings who love to eat healthy SuperHero foods. These SuperHero foods give them more energy. They help them jump higher, run faster, and think better.

And now you can join Ethan and Sophie for a day of healthy eating and activities. You’ll make breakfast, pick home grown vegetables, do yoga, and go for a hike with SuperHero foods by your side. Ethan and Sophie will teach you the benefits of SuperHero foods and motivate you to eat them so that you can have super powers too.

Book Details

Available in Hardcover, Paperback, E-book, & Audiobook

Side-Sewn Full Color, 64 pages, 8.5″x11″, September 1, 2021
Price: (Hardcover) $19.99, (Paperback) $19.99, (E-book) $5.99, (Audiobook) $5.99
ISBN: (Hardcover) 978-1-955671-00-2, (Paperback) 978-1-955671-01-9, (E-book) 978-1-955671-03-3, (Audiobook) 978-1-955671-02-6

About the author

Haley Scheich & Dr. Tarek Pacha

Haley Scheich and Tarek Pacha are the founders of My SuperHero Foods, a wellness brand that teaches families about the powers of whole foods, quality sleep, and wellness. They co-authored the children’s books, My SuperHero Foods and My SuperHero Sleep to help inspire children’s curiosities about healthy eating and quality sleep.

Haley’s fascination with nutrition started in 2008 when she was introduced to yoga. Over the years, she has poured over hundreds of books, thousands of articles, & anything where she can find optimal nutrition tips and tricks. Tarek is a leading men’s health expert & holistic urologist. He’s treated thousands of patients over the last decade, and through his patients, he’s learned that the right food choices can PREVENT, REVERSE, and even HEAL disease.

They believe that food is the ultimate medicine, but as they’ve raised their kids, they’ve learned that most kids don’t stand a chance to thrive. This is because Big Food hides sugar and other dangerous ingredients in their products. Labels are deceptive and difficult to interpret, and deceptive marketing is everywhere.

Kids deserve this information. As kids start to understand the POWER of nutrient-dense whole food, they will hold us accountable to eat better too!

Haley and Tarek live in Ann Arbor, Michigan in a blended family with six kids, ages 2 to 18.

Words of praise

Great way to communicate the benefit of eating nutrient dense foods in an engaging way. My daughter's never been more excited about broccoli!
Parker Brook
Founder of Lovebird Cereal
My SuperHero Foods is a valuable resource that every family, preschool, and pediatrician should know about and share. Kudos to Haley and Tarek. Their passion, creativity, and deducation to children and their health shines through.
Dr. Michael Goran
Professor of Preventive Medicine and Pediatric, Author of Sugarproof
Such a great book to teach kids about what foods to put in their bodies!
Kara Goldin
Founder and CEO of Hint, Author of Undaunted


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