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We love getting to know our brilliant authors, and we are honored to help bring their unique visions to life. We have partnered with a diverse array of writers—from entrepreneurs, children’s wellness influencers, and veterinarians, to professional guitarists and filmmakers, business coaches, and even a teenage novelist. The thing they all have in common is a deep passion for what they do—and great ideas for books.

This page is dedicated to celebrating our authors and the incredible work they do both in and outside of their books

Previously Published

Previously Published

The wife and husband team behind My SuperHero Foods children’s wellness brand and authors of children’s books My SuperHero Foods and My SuperHero Sleep, as well as The Ultimate Guide to Avoiding Seed Oils in Your Kitchen and Sunny Side Up: A 28-Day Breakfast Meal Plan for Busy Families. Plus the nicest people you’ll ever meet. 

Adam Levy & Ethan Sherman

World-renowned guitarists and authors of the book String Theories: Tips, Challenges, and Reflections for the Lifelong Guitarist. Adam has worked with Norah Jones, Tracy Chapman, and many others, and Ethan is currently touring with Michael Bublé.

Cory Stout

Entrepreneur, founder of Woodies sunglasses, author of End Small Talk and an upcoming title about his experience spending a year offline. Wonderfully introspective.

AI and machine learning expert, YouTube extraordinaire, health enthusiast with the best smile ever, and author of the novel Charlie Walks

Courtney Daniels

Independent filmmaker and author of Yes You Can: How to Make a Movie for Almost No Money, who works outside of the Hollywood system to write and make movies her own way. An inspiration.

Web designer, website fixer, garden enthusiast, and author of Your Website Sucks: Here’s How to Fix It and the upcoming One Star, a collection of bad reviews of the world’s greatest creative minds.

Erik Palin

Marine engineer, hiking enthusiast, world traveler living with four daughters out of an RV and developing a homestead in Alaska, and author of Hiking South Korea.

Teenage world traveler, author of the middle-grade novel The Magic Sphere, and a huge inspiration to us. 

US Air Force veteran who achieved financial independence by 35, financial coach for military servicemembers, wonderfully motivated and easygoing at the same time, and author of The Military Money Manual: A Practical Guide to Financial Freedom

Reed & Evan Milnor

Dog-loving sibling author duo. Military veteran, entrepreneur, veterinary technician. Authors of The Essential Dog Owner’s Guide.

Eric Nehrlich

Thought leader and executive coach helping leaders grow their impact and author of You Have a Choice.

John Seiffer

Small business advisor with a jolly soul who distilled his knowledge into Output Thinking: Scale Faster, Manage Better, Transform Your Company.

Musician, comedian, and author of Spanish book, Bebé Azul.

Small business advisor with a jolly soul who distilled his knowledge into Output Thinking: Scale Faster, Manage Better, Transform Your Company.

Raileigh Duschen

An incredibly grounded poet, speaker, healer, and founder of a lifestyle coaching service. The heart behind the poetry collection, Phoenix Medicines, and an upcoming title.

Salman Ansari

Entrepreneur, web engineer, polymath, writer, illustrator, and author of Wandering Spirits: A Book of Modern Fables and an upcoming title.

Serah Blackstone-Fredericks

Multidisciplinary artist, singer/songwriter, fashion designer, language enthusiast. Poetic heart behind Love Unfolding. Wonderfully down-to-earth. 

Arunjay Katakam

Entrepreneur and activist with an incredible story and mission. The visionary brain behind Generation Hope: How Inclusive Economics Can Help Us All Thrive.



Anti-racist organizer, coach, and artist using her passionate voice to translate her experiences into an upcoming book, White Women, Get Ready.

Allison Schultz

Co-founder of coaching company Reboot, horse whisperer, all-around deep thinker and compassionate presence, and author of the upcoming title.

O’Shaughnessey Ventures

Otterpine is thrilled to partner with the amazing team at OSV to support their new innovative publishing venture, Infinite Books, on multiple titles. Infinite Books aims to support authors across disciplines on works that provide unique insights while inspiring and uplifting readers.

Julia Considine Pierce

Teacher, healer, and author of an upcoming children’s picture book, the first in a series of books about reproductive health and spirituality for girls and women across their lifespans.

Award-winning author, bug-eating initiate, and author of upcoming Otterpine-produced audiobook of her traditionally published middle-grade novel Boy Bites Bug.

Inspiring social entrepreneur, coach, activist, and author of upcoming book about leveraging personal storytelling for leadership.

Compassionate thought leader who helps people learn how to thrive with ADHD. Author of the book Extra Focus.

Robert Goodwin

Military veteran, social entrepreneur, co-founder and president of OceanCycle. Super giving and amazingly kind. 


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