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Non Fiction
White Women, Get Ready by Amanda Gross

White Women, Get Ready: How Healing Post-Traumatic Mistress Syndrome Leads to Anti-Racist Change

Amanda Gross

Part historical analysis, part memoir, and part call to action, White Women, Get Ready: How Healing from Post-Traumatic Mistress Syndrome Leads to Anti-Racist Change tells the story of how we white ladies have been groomed to uphold these overlapping systems of oppression and how we can use our unique positioning to help upend these violent structures.

The Art of Being Human at Work Book by Allison Schultz Reboot Cover

The Art of Being Human at Work: Meditations for the Work of Your Life

Allison Schultz

Meditations for the Work of Your Life. The publication of The Art of Being Human at Work marks the 10-year anniversary of Reboot®, the acclaimed leadership development and CEO coaching firm that believes work doesn’t have to destroy us-it can be our avenue to achieving our fullest selves. Curated from articles written by co-founder Allison Schultz, this collection of essays explores the core philosophy of Reboot’s unique approach to business and leadership: that a combination of practical skills and radical self-inquiry are both necessary parts of what it takes to grow, build, and sustain a great company.

Generation Hope: How Inclusive Economics can Help Us All Thrive

Arunjay Katakam

Written in clear and compelling prose, entrepreneur Arunjay Katakam addresses a wide range of today’s most pressing economic issues, from the macroeconomic challenges that humanity collectively faces, ​​to our personal engagement with our current economic system. You will read illuminating and inspiring examples of people, organizations, companies, and governments that are already doing the work of building inclusive economic systems that serve all of humanity and this planet we call home.

#1 new release in "Business Project Management" on amazon

Output Thinking: Scale Faster, Manage Better, Transform your Company

John Seiffer

In Output Thinking, serial entrepreneur and past president of the International Coaching Federation John Seiffer shares what he’s learned about running a business remotely in ways you can apply to your small to medium company—whether you want to move 1,500 miles away like he did, or stay where you are but change the demands on your time.

The Essential Dog Owner's Guide

top new release in "Dog care & Health" on amazon

The Essential Dog Owner's Guide: A Reference for the Responsible Dog Owner

Evan Milnor & M. Reed Milnor

This guide provides must-know information for embracing the joys and challenges of dog ownership—from selecting the perfect breed to understanding dietary needs, health care, and much more. You’ll learn valuable techniques and tips from esteemed canine experts for fostering a happy and harmonious bond with your beloved canine.

You Have a Choice: Beyond Hard Work to Meaningful Impact

Eric Nehrlich

You Have a Choice is an enriching and supportive guide that offers tools for readers to transition from a cycle of stagnant growth in their careers and lives to an era of personal transformation and intention. Eric’s approach encourages people to take responsibility for their freedom by bravely and actively choosing not to overwork themselves for the wrong reasons. You Have a Choice is more than a self-help guidebook, it’s a practical tool for growth and real change. Readers will be confronted with opportunities to notice their blind spots and limited beliefs, and also with encouragement to discover what they truly value and how they define success for themselves.

top new release in "walking" on amazon

Hiking South Korea contains everything avid hikers and curious tourists could need to explore mainland South Korea and its hidden gem: Geoje Island. This comprehensive guidebook contains clear, detailed hike instructions and information on hikes that range from easy, stroller-friendly day hikes, to epic, all-day excursions with beautiful full-color photography and expertly crafted maps. As the only Korean hiking guide written specifically for English speakers, this book highlights helpful information about safety, climate, what to pack, and a glossary of useful Korean phrases.

String Theories Adam Levy Ethan Sherman

#1 Best Seller on Amazon

String Theories: Tips, Challenges, and Reflections for the Lifelong Guitarist

Adam Levy & Ethan Sherman

Renowned guitarists Adam Levy and Ethan Sherman offer a comprehensive and practical guide to boundless musical growth for the dedicated guitarist, as well as on-the-job lessons learned from both of their many years of experience as players and teachers. The essays and lessons in this guidebook cover topics including effective practice strategies, fretboard technique, playing with other musicians, composition, and more. With a framework for lifelong growth on the guitar, it’s a book that guitarists can return to year after year as they evolve as musicians.

insightful gift for budding filmmakers

Yes You Can: How to Make a Movie for Almost No Money

Courtney Daniels

This practical, no-nonsense guide to indie filmmaking will provide you with the tools and insider tips you need to make your movie with little to no budget. Written by an experienced and successful independent filmmaker, this book can help anyone—regardless of experience, education, or funding—to follow their dreams and make a movie. Yes You Can leads filmmakers through every step of the low-to-no-budget filmmaking process from screenwriting, casting, and pre-production, to set lighting, directing, post-production editing, and more.

perfect gift for any occasion

End Small Talk: Deep Questions for Better Conversations

Cory Stout

This isn’t your average book of conversation starters. These 250+ tantalizing and unique questions are designed to keep readers on their toes, broaden their perspectives, avoid small talk, and inspire them to be their authentic selves as they forge deeper connections. This pocket-sized book of questions is perfect for anyone and everyone on any occasion: icebreakers, dates, meetings, family gatherings, parties, or coffee with a friend.

useful guide for entrepreneurs and developers

This honest and comprehensive guide diagnoses and provides solutions to the top 30 issues that keep websites from making money. Each problem is explained in simple terms with specific and directed instruction on what the solution is and how to implement it.

Military Money Manual

perfect gift for rotc grads

The Military Money Maual: A Practical Guide to Financial Freedom

Spencer Reese

In this no-nonsense, accessible guide, Air Force Major Spencer C. Reese, founder of the popular personal finance site, militarymoneymanual.com, offers invaluable tips and tricks to help service members of all ranks, branches, and bank account levels gain financial independence. Along with laying out the fundamentals of building wealth while serving, the book explains how to take maximum advantage of the unique financial perks exclusive to service members.

How to Live: 27 One-sided Arguments and One Weird Conclusion

Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers shares his philosophy of conflicting philosophies in this not quite non-fiction, not quite self-help book. Each chapter believes it knows how you should live. And each chapter disagrees with the next. A very unique and thought-provoking book. Meant for reflection as much as instruction.

Designing the Mind: The Principles of Psychitecture Gold Edition

Ryan Bush

This handbook is a psycho-philosophical self-development book that makes the bold claim that the human condition as you know it is optional. The psychitectural framework can enable readers to understand and rewire the hidden patterns behind their biases, habits, and emotional reactions, which can allow them to push past mental obstacles. Designing the Mind helps people master their behavior, cognition, and emotions to terraform their minds into delightful places to reside.

Hell Yeah or No: What's Worth Doing

Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers shares useful wisdom through a simple, profound mental model to help people make decisions. Overwhelmed? If you feel anything less than “hell yeah!” about something, say no. We say yes too often. By saying no to almost everything, you leave space and time in your life to throw yourself completely into the few things that matter most.

Your Music and People: Creative and Considerate Fame

Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers shares a successful philosophy of getting your work to the world by being creative, considerate, resourceful, and connected. It’s not just for musicians. Though it uses music as the example, it is meant for any creator trying to reach people. Early readers called it one of the best books ever written on business marketing.

Anything You Want: 40 lessons for a new kind of entrepreneur

Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers shares 40 powerful lessons, in a book that can be read in about an hour. He discusses how an entrepreneur can make their dreams come true by shifting their focus away from money and onto gaining customer loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing. The book’s most memorable stories are from his horrible mistakes, like why saving ten minutes cost him $3.3 million dollars.

Love Unfolding

Love Unfolding

Serah Blackstone-Fredericks

Serah Blackstone-Fredericks explores her heart in Love Unfolding, a short and sweet poetry chapbook. Serah’s voice and tone characterizes every facet of love, even in darkness.

Phoenix Medicine

Phoenix Medicines: A Transformative Journey through Consciousness

Raileigh Duschen

Raileigh’s collection of poetry is a harmonious blend of sweetness and sincerity, courage and honesty, and intuition and artistry. Through her words, readers are invited to witness the transformative power of authenticity and hope. Phoenix Medicines serves as a dear friend on any reader’s bookshelf, ready to offer encouraging and loving words in times of disenchantment and growing pains.

Card Decks

Mindsight Introspection Cards

Ryan Bush

Mindsight is the world’s first deck of introspection cards. Inside the beautiful, magnetic case are eighty-one prompts designed to help you build a body of self-knowledge you can use to direct your life, mind, and actions. The deck contains a framework of prompts and exercises that gradually build on one another. The included pocket-sized log booklet provides instruction, inspiration, and lots of space to journal your reflections. This deck is your guide to psychological exploration.

Health & Cookbooks

practical guide for any busy caregiver

From the bestselling authors of My SuperHero Foods comes Sunny Side Up: A 28-Day Breakfast Meal Plan for Busy Families, full of tools and recipes that will make it easy to trade out ultra-processed packaged foods for hearty, nutrient-dense breakfasts that will set your kids up for success with a better mood, stronger focus, improved behavior, and sustained energy. In this comprehensive guide and cookbook, you’ll find helpful tips and tricks to make planning and cooking breakfast a breeze.

From the bestselling authors of My SuperHero Foods comes The Ultimate Guide to Avoiding Seed Oils in Your Kitchen, which cuts through the confusion about healthy versus unhealthy fats by providing a helpful balance of practical tips and background information so you feel confident deciding what fats to buy and cook with. Includes two quick reference charts that you can use at home or in the store.

Picture Books
My SuperHero Sleep

fun & informative book for any family

My SuperHero Sleep

Haley Scheich & Dr. Tarek Pacha

This children’s book features a sibling duo, Ethan and Sophie, who teach kids about the benefits of quality sleep. Backed by science and research, this book can be a helpful tool for parents who want their kids to learn the importance of a clean room, morning sunlight, and gratitude. Kids can also learn routines and exercises to help them fall and stay asleep.

My SuperHero Foods

perfect book for any picky eater (ages 4-8)

My SuperHero Foods

Haley Scheich & Dr. Tarek Pacha

This one-of-a-kind, beautifully illustrated storybook stimulates children’s curiosities about healthy eating. This book is perfect for parents who are looking to teach their picky eaters about the superpowers they’ll gain from eating fruits, veggies, and other superfoods as they join sibling duo Ethan and Sophie on a superpower packed day!

Wandering Spirits

#1 new release on amazon

Wandering Spirits: Modern Fables

Salman Ansari

Wandering Spirits invites readers of any age to accompany charming animal characters along their whimsical journeys inspired by timeless classics. These enchanting tales offer profound perspectives on life’s winding paths.

The Magic Sphere Vivienna Palin 3

2023 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Award Finalist

Teenage author Vivienne Palin’s The Magic Sphere is a warm-hearted fantasy adventure suited for fantasy-loving readers ages 8-12 with charming illustrations. In the once bustling magical town of Terast, nine-year-old Chloe Teem must solve a mystery with a surprising group of new friends: once the clock struck five past twelve, Terast turned eerily silent. Nobody moved, talked, or blinked. Everyone was frozen except Chloe. Chloe and her friends embark upon a magical adventure to unravel the mystery behind their unusual dilemma before it’s too late.

My Grandpa Chuck

My Grandpa Chuck

Spencer Reese

Spencer Reese, author of The Military Money Manual, collaborated with Otterpine to create this one-of-a-kind, heartfelt tribute to Spencer’s grandfather, Charles. My Grandpa Chuck is a beautifully illustrated tale that captures Charles’ adventurous spirit while preserving his legacy for generations to come. Spencer and his family hold this heirloom project closely to their hearts, so this book is for their private use only.

Charlie Walks

Daniel Bourke

Charlie is a a tightrope walker and a computer programer, but he wants to be a writer. As he walks through life juggling his passions, he devotes himself to his secret project: XK-1, a computer program that shows you what you’re supposed to see but can’t imagine. Follow Charlie as he writes letters to his nephew, Pauly, telling tales from his past and present. Step by step, creating his own story.


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