Otterpine indie publishing services

Writing & editorial

We help authors craft stories. Our editorial team is a group of highly talented writers, developmental editors, line editors, copyeditors, and proofreaders with experience working on a wide variety of books with diverse subject matters and genres. Our goal is to empower you with the tools you need to most effectively express your message and reach your audience. Each book and author is different, so we will work with you to craft an editorial package that meets your unique needs.

For authors who have already gone through extensive development with outside editors, this may mean providing you with a light copyedit and post-layout proofread. For authors at the beginning of their book journey who have some great ideas but need extra help with putting those ideas together into words, this may mean a combination of manuscript development and several rounds of editing and revision once the manuscript is complete. For people who want to publish a book but want someone else to do the bulk of the writing, that might mean ghostwriting.

Most commonly, writers come to us with a finished manuscript that will need anywhere from one to a few rounds of editing. This may start with a developmental edit (focusing on big picture issues such as structure and organization, content, tone, clarity of message, appropriateness for audience, etc.), during which the editor works directly with the author by providing constructive critique and feedback to guide their revision. Some manuscripts may also need a line edit, where we edit the manuscript on the sentence and paragraph level for style, clarity, and flow. Almost all manuscripts will need a copyedit before they go to design and layout, during which we edit for errors such as grammar, punctuation, and spelling, as well as doing any fact- or citation-checking and other necessary manuscript preparation. The last stage of the editorial process is proofreading, when we review the manuscript post-layout for any remaining errors before going to print. These editorial phases are all fluid, and most projects will require aspects of each of them. We will work with you closely to help you develop an editorial plan that works for you.

We tailor our services to match the unique needs of each and every client. Ours is not a cookie-cutter process. If budget is a limitation, we try to find a way to make it work if our values are aligned.


At Otterpine, imagination knows no bounds. Our mission is to bring the book of your dreams to life! We create captivating custom illustrations to suit any project. From character-driven children’s books to functional infographics, and minimalistic line-drawings to expansive landscapes, our portfolio captures a wide range of design. No project is too big or small—we’re here to illustrate them all.

Otterpine indie publishing services

Art Direction & Book Design

Art direction is too often overlooked in indie publishing, but it matters. We want to extend the words and messaging inside of your book to both the text layout and cover design. We act as a translator between your book’s intention and how it communicates visually to potential readers.

There’s good book design and there’s great book design. Cover design in the indie publishing industry can be as simple as paying $20 to a designer on Fiverr. But to have a striking cover design that communicates to readers from across the room, one that subtly communicates the messaging of the words inside? That takes specialized skill and it is what we strive to achieve with every book we work on. We think about subtle details around typography, line spacing, and margins—and what these design choices communicate to others. 

Every book we design has a unique layout and unique cover. We don’t work with templates. Our books are designed with careful thought, intention, understanding of the words inside, your intended audience, and your values.

Print Design & Production

We have an international printer network of 20+ printers, all of which have been thoroughly quality tested. We are experts in print production, print materials, and paper, and we love to craft books that last. We’ll fret over little details like the way your endsheets feel and the color of your headbands to help you craft the highest quality book possible. 

Otterpine indie publishing services
Otterpine indie publishing services

Fulfillment & Warehousing

We have a large warehouse in Asheville, NC where we’ll lovingly care for your books, nurturing them until they end up in their forever home. We quality check our books for print defects and shipping damage before sending them to customers. We’ve fulfilled tens of thousands of books for direct orders to 70+ countries. Each book is carefully packed in the right sized packaging to minimize waste, and we use eco-friendly shipping and reuse absolutely everything. We love creating handwritten notes and other special add-ons that develop personal connection. 

We only offer this service to clients when we manage book production and printing, and when they have a direct sales platform. We set up this service because we saw that our authors needed it to sell books without being exclusively dependent on Amazon, but we are not a warehousing business first.

Author Platform

For most of you, publishing your book is just the starting line. There are many ways we can help, such as building a website or landing page, copywriting, email marketing, content development, social media, targeted outreach strategies, and more. Our methods root in empathy, connection, storytelling, and experimentation. We love to plant lots of seeds and analyze all of the data to figure out what’s working and what’s not.

Ads and algorithms are great, but our marketing strategies extend beyond what lies in the digital space. Marketing is an extension of all of the work that goes into producing your books, which is why we only provide this service to existing clients.

Otterpine indie publishing services

Indie Publishing Coaching

Have a DIY mentality? Limited by your budget?

Do you want to publish your own book but don’t know where to start? Need help finishing your book or help with just one part of the process? Need help with Amazon or help avoiding Amazon? Maybe coaching calls are the best fit for you. We listen carefully and empathetically and act as a coach, sounding board, and friend to guide you through your indie publishing journey. Every call comes with a set of detailed notes and action items. You can book calls as needed or set up a package if you need more accountability. Plus we offer sliding scale pricing too. 


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