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Meditations for the Work of Your Life. The publication of The Art of Being Human at Work marks the 10-year anniversary of Reboot®, the acclaimed leadership development and CEO coaching firm that believes work doesn’t have to destroy us-it can be our avenue to achieving our fullest selves. Curated from articles written by co-founder Allison Schultz, this collection of essays explores the core philosophy of Reboot’s unique approach to business and leadership: that a combination of practical skills and radical self-inquiry are both necessary parts of what it takes to grow, build, and sustain a great company.

Tackling issues like burnout, the perils of perfectionism, fear of change, building trust, weathering failure, and defining success, The Art of Being Human at Work teaches us that if we are to work and lead well-with authenticity, courage, integrity, and compassion-we must first do the necessary inner work of becoming a better human. It pays to be conscious about not only what we’re doing but how we’re doing it. Written with empathy, wisdom, and humor, this insightful and illuminating book provides a roadmap for leaders and CEOs to do just that.

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The Art of Being Human at Work Book by Allison Schultz Reboot Cover

Available in paperback & e-book

Formats: Paperback perfect bound & E-book
Page count: 312 pages
Trim: 6″x9″
Release date: July 11,2024
Price: (Paperback) $24.99 (E-book) $9.99
ISBN: (Paperback) 979-8-9903452-0-1 (E-book) 979-8-9903452-1-8


About the author

Allison Schultz

In 2014, after years of work in a variety of startups and a lifetime of soul-based explorations, Allison Schultz co-founded Reboot.io with Jerry Colonna and Dan Putt. As a coach, Ali weaves her business acumen with the innate wisdom of the body, the philosophies of the world’s wisdom traditions, and “the way of the horse” to help clients seeking personal growth and committed to deep inner work find their voice in service of finding themselves.

Words of praise

"Work does not have to suck. What is more, work can even be a dojo for joy, learning, and immense personal growth. Let Ali—who is both a horse and human whisperer—show you how.”
Dan Harris
Author of 10% Happier and host of the 10% Happier podcast
“A guide for managers, and all of us really, to bring our heart and our humanity into the workplace, creating the possibility for a more compassionate and awakened sense of being at work.”
Sharon Salzberg
Author of Lovingkindness and Real Life
“If you are looking for leadership literature that goes beyond tips, tricks, and techniques to speak to the heart of the matter, this gem of a book will serve you well.”
Parker J. Palmer
Author of Let Your Life Speak, A Hidden Wholeness and On the Brink of Everything
“With clear examples and powerful reflection prompts, Allison Schultz proves that the fearless willingness to engage in radical self-inquiry is the ONLY way to become an authentic leader.”
Liz Fosslien & Mollie West Duffy
Co-authors of WSJ bestsellers No Hard Feelings and Big Feelings


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