You Have A Choice is an enriching and supportive guide offers tools for readers to transition from a cycle of stagnant growth in their careers and lives to an era of personal transformation and intention.

You’re a high achiever on a successful career path—but something’s missing. You have what many would consider to be a dream job, but you’re feeling burned out and miserable—working from the crack of dawn to midnight every day, drowning in emails and meetings.

You’re working hard, but it lacks meaning. You know something must change, but you feel stuck. How do you make a change without losing everything you worked for? You Have a Choice.

Written by a former Google leader who redesigned his life to align with his values after burning out, this book will provide you with the tools you need to find a new path with purpose—one where you define what success means to you. In its pages, you will learn how to:

  • Clearly define how you want your life to be different.
  • Identify the reasons you’re feeling stuck and what you can do about it.
  • Learn how to more effectively influence others around you.
  • Experiment with new possibilities to create professional growth and personal transformation.
  • Discover what energizes you, and use that to guide you towards a more intentional, fulfilling and sustainable life.

Complete with actionable exercises and inspiring stories collected from the author’s own experience and years of coaching successful leaders and executives, this book will help you make new choices that move you beyond just hard work to a life of meaning and purpose.

Perfect bound, 216 pages, 6″ x 9″, November 6, 2023
Price: (Paperback) $22.00, (E-book) $9.99
ISBN: (Paperback) 979-8-9890941-0-3, (E-book) 979-8-9890941-1-0

Eric Nehrlich is an executive coach who draws on twenty years of experience in the tech industry to help leaders have more impact.

He helps clients gain clarity on their priorities so they can consciously place their focus and attention where they can have the greatest impact. He loves to identify and challenge mindsets and habits that hold his clients back from their next level of leadership.

This is Eric’s first book, which he wrote to share what he’s learned in his career and his coaching with a wider audience.

Before becoming a coach, Eric spent ten years as an engineer and product manager across several startups before joining Google, eventually leading business strategy and operations for the Google Search Ads product team as Chief of Staff for six years.

Words of praise

You Have A Choice is a moving journey through the wisdom necessary to own your own journey. By generously sharing his story from being a burned out executive to a heart-centered coach dedicated to alleviating the suffering of others, Eric reinforces the profound truth of our own agency: we can shape the experience of our journeys and our lives. His work is a gift to all those struggling to find a way forward.
Jerry Colonna
Author of Reunion: Leadership and the Longing to Belong
Powerful hard-earned wisdom here to help you align your actions with integrity. So wonderfully written, and so inspiring.
Derek Sivers
Entrepreneur & author of Anything You Want


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