Your Website Sucks is an honest and comprehensive guide diagnoses and provides solutions to the top 30 issues that keep websites from making money. Each problem is explained in simple terms with specific and directed instruction on what the solution is and how to implement it.

About the book

Why do visitors come to your site, only to leave without buying? (Or signing up, or booking a call, or doing the thing you want them to do?)

It’s hard to say. You can’t stop them and ask. And if you could, you wouldn’t get a single, consistent response. People leave for all sorts of reasons.

You can’t know why every single anonymous visitor leaves. But you can rule out the most common causes.

Are they confused by your navigation? Chapter 10 will help you diagnose and fix it. Not enough detail to make a decision? Find out in Chapter 21.

Your Website Sucks shows you how to identify—and tells you exactly how to fix—30 of the most common issues that leave visitors frustrated, confused, and reaching for the back button. When you’re done, you’ll have a website that gets people to stay and take the action you want them to take.

Book Details

Available in paperback & e-book

Perfect bound, 136 pages, 5.5″ x 8.5″, February 14, 2023
Price: (Paperback) $23.00, (E-book) $9.99
ISBN: (Paperback) 979-8-9872999-0-6, (E-book) 979-8-9872999-1-3

About the author

Since 2015, Brian David Hall has run hundreds of experiments to optimize websites for dozens of brands. Learn more about the author at


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