By Spencer Reese

Spencer Reese, author of The Military Money Manual, collaborated with Otterpine to create this one-of-a-kind, heartfelt tribute to Spencer’s grandfather, Charles. My Grandpa Chuck is a beautifully illustrated tale that captures Charles’ adventurous spirit while preserving his legacy for generations to come. Spencer and his family hold this heirloom project closely to their hearts, so this book is for their private use only.

About the book

Written with love, this heritage project captures moments from a life well-lived. Grandpa Chuck’s life was full of extraordinary adventures and surprising twists, like falling into a swap teeming with alligators. This captivating narrative captures Grandpa Chuck’s memories by recreating them through vivid illustrations based on the family’s photo archive. Each anecdote is an opportunity for Chuck’s family to connect with him in the past while preserving his memory for the future.

It’s not too often that a family has a personalized record of quotes, stories, and reimagined images that capture the love, excitement, and choices that brought them to the present moment. My Grandpa Chuck memorializes the wisdom, bravery, and confidence that defined the lives of Charles and his wife, Shirley. With hope to inspire future generations of his family, author Spencer Reese plans on sharing My Grandpa Chuck exclusively with his family for many years to come.

Book Details

Heriloom Project

Smyth-Sewn Hardcover, 32 pages, 11″x8″, 2022, Not for Sale

About the author

Spencer Reese

Spencer C. Reese is a US Air Force veteran and founder of the Military Money Manual platform. He is passionate about teaching other active duty and veteran military members how to achieve financial independence. Spencer published The Military Money Manual through Otterpine in 2021. He has since grown his platform to include a detailed website, podcast, and blog.

After the release of The Military Money Manual, Spencer approached the Otterpine team to work with him on a project closer to his heart: a family heirloom project for his grandfather, Charles. Spencer is proud to create this familial legacy project to preserve his grandfather’s vibrant, adventurous spirit for generations to come.


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