By Haley Scheich & Dr. Tarek Pacha

Sunny Side Up is a comprehensive guide offering a delightful and practical approach to breakfast, providing a month-long meal plan tailored for families on the go. With Scheich’s culinary expertise and Dr. Pacha’s nutritional insights, the book presents a diverse array of breakfast recipes designed to fuel busy mornings. From quick and nutritious options to deliciously crafted meals, Sunny Side Up ensures that families can kickstart their days with health, flavor, and efficiency. It’s a must-have resource for those seeking a delightful balance between convenience and wholesome breakfast choices.

About the book

Are you a busy parent who wants to provide nutritious breakfasts for your kids? Does it feel impossible with everything you have to juggle in the morning? You CAN transform your hectic breakfast dash with your kiddos into a nourishing and stress-free morning, and My SuperHero Foods can help!

From the bestselling authors of My SuperHero Foods comes Sunny Side Up: A 28-Day Breakfast Meal Plan for Busy Families, full of tools and recipes that will make it easy to trade out ultra-processed packaged foods for hearty, nutrient-dense breakfasts that will set your kids up for success with a better mood, stronger focus, improved behavior, and sustained energy.

In this comprehensive guide and cookbook, you’ll find: Helpful nutrition, planning, and shopping tips; 1 monthly shopping list and 4 weekly shopping lists; 4 weekly breakfast meal plans; Sunday meal-prep instructions; Simple, nourishing recipes for every day of the week; Bonus weekend recipes!

If you can do just one thing in terms of your child’s nutritional health, give them a SuperHero breakfast.

Book Details

Available in paperback & e-book

Perfect bound, 88 pages, 8.5″x11″, April 28, 2023
Price: (Paperback) $32.00, (E-book) $24.00
ISBN: (Paperback) 978-1-955671-16-3, (E-book) 978-1-955671-17-0

About the author

Haley Scheich & Dr. Tarek Pacha

Haley Scheich and Tarek Pacha are the founders of My SuperHero Foods, a wellness brand that teaches families about the powers of whole foods, quality sleep, and wellness. They co-authored the children’s books, My SuperHero Foods and My SuperHero Sleep to help inspire children’s curiosities about healthy eating and quality sleep.

Haley’s fascination with nutrition started in 2008 when she was introduced to yoga. Over the years, she has poured over hundreds of books, thousands of articles, & anything where she can find optimal nutrition tips and tricks. Tarek is a leading men’s health expert & holistic urologist. He’s treated thousands of patients over the last decade, and through his patients, he’s learned that the right food choices can PREVENT, REVERSE, and even HEAL disease.

They believe that food is the ultimate medicine, but as they’ve raised their kids, they’ve learned that most kids don’t stand a chance to thrive. This is because Big Food hides sugar and other dangerous ingredients in their products. Labels are deceptive and difficult to interpret, and deceptive marketing is everywhere.

Kids deserve this information. As kids start to understand the POWER of nutrient-dense whole food, they will hold us accountable to eat better too!

Haley and Tarek live in Ann Arbor, Michigan in a blended family with six kids, ages 2 to 18.


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