By Evan Milnor & Reed Milnor

“Can we please get a dog?”
If this familiar plea has you considering adding a canine companion to your family, look no further than The Essential Dog Owner’s Guide!

The ultimate resource for every dog lover, this indispensable book serves as a concise, easy-to-read reference, equipping first-time and experienced dog owners alike to become well-informed and responsible dog parents.

About the book

The Essential Dog Owner’s Guide by sibling duo Evan and M. Reed Milnor is a simple yet informative guide, covering everything from daily caretaking to long-term planning. For soon-to-be dog parents, this book aids the dog selection process by providing helpful insights about breeds, deciding whether to adopt or buy, and how to find a reputable breeder. After the adoption process, this book can help new dog parents establish the best practices for dog-proofing the house and selecting accessories. With expert advice about medical issues, diet, exercise, grooming, training, and more, this book has everything dog owners could need to care for their furry family member through their lifetime.

You’ll learn valuable techniques and tips from esteemed canine experts for fostering a happy and harmonious bond with your beloved canine. Throughout the pages, you’ll be reminded that you’re not alone in this journey. You are part of a timeless tradition of devoted dog owners who have cherished and cared for their four-legged friends for generations.

Prepare yourself to embark on a fulfilling and enriching partnership with your new furry family member. Unleash the secrets to being the best dog parent you can be with this vital guide—your dog will thank you for it!

Book Details

Available in paperback & e-book

Perfect bound, 128 pages, 5″x8″, November 16, 2023
Price: (Paperback) $19.99, (E-book) $9.99
ISBN: (Paperback) 978-1-955671-37-8, (E-book) 978-1-955671-38-5

About the authors

Evan Milnor

Evan has had a deep love for nature, animals, and the outdoors since childhood and is currently the owner of a dog training company based in St. Louis, Missouri. He was inspired to co-author this book after he and his wife adopted a three-year-old Siberian Husky-Samoyed mix named Ullr and quickly realized how many elements of dog care they wish they had known prior to adoption.

Reed Milnor

Reed has worked at multiple veterinary clinics, where he learned the clinical side of animal care. He also helped assemble the world’s largest repository of dog genetic and health data at a canine genetic research startup organization. Reed is currently in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.


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