Introducing Generation Hope: How Inclusive Economics Can Help Us All Thrive by Arunjay Katakam

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Otterpine is delighted to announce the release of Generation Hope by entrepreneur and activist Arunjay Katakam. This insightful book offers a nuanced yet accessible perspective on how society, especially younger generations, can create a thriving, sustainable future through an optimistic and inclusive economic system. Otterpine is dedicated to producing books that are tools for change. We cherish connections and projects that are value-aligned and heart-centered, which made Generation Hope a perfect partnership. Arunjay’s charitable mission added another layer of purpose and pride to our work as we facilitated the editorial, design, print, and fulfillment of his visionary book. After growing…

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Generation Hope

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Generation Hope How Inclusive Economics Can Help Us All Thrive By Arunjay Katakam It has become clear: Our current economic system is broken. Growth at all costs is unsustainable. It’s easy to get discouraged when faced with the reality of the current climate crisis, economic instability, and the vast income inequality across the globe. It’s obvious that our trajectory is aimed toward destruction. But is it possible to make adjustments to that path, and if so, who's going to lead us? About the book Generation Hope answers these questions, first by exploring the historical, political, economic, and cultural foundations that…

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Military Money Manual

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Military Money Manual A Practical Guide to Financial Freedom By Spencer Reese In this no-nonsense, accessible guide, Air Force Major Spencer C. Reese, founder of the popular personal finance site,, offers invaluable tips and tricks to help service members of all ranks, branches, and bank account levels gain financial independence. Along with laying out the fundamentals of building wealth while serving, the book explains how to take maximum advantage of the unique financial perks exclusive to service members. About the book You work hard serving your country. Let your military money work hard for you.A must-read for any service…

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